Horror @ the Box Office: March 9-11 - The Lorax beats out John Carter and Silent House

Happy Monday once again folks, we’re already in the middle of March and Daylight Savings has ended for those that follow those rules.

Did you check out anything over the weekend? Audiences were still hungry for THE LORAX, it finished number one again despite losing 45% of its opening weekend audience. Disney’s adventure flick JOHN CARTER came in at second, however it is doing pretty well over seas.

Our genre release for the week SILENT HOUSE managed to grab a spot in the Top 5, bringing in a little bit of money, which isn’t bad for a low budget film. The film received mixed reviews, and at least for me the appeal was Elizabeth Olsen, I wonder how many checked it out for her?

Next week we wont have any genre releases, the big release is 21 JUMP STREET and that may or may not be a horror depending on how you see it.


1. The Lorax
$ 39.1 M $ 129.1 M
2. John Carter
$ 30.6 M NEW
3. Project X
$ 11.5 M $ 40.1 M
4. Silent House
$ 7 M NEW
5. Act Of Valor
$ 7 M $ 56.1 M
6. A Thousand Words
$ 6.3 M NEW
7. Safe House
$ 5 M $ 115.8 M
8. The Vow
$ 4 M $ 117.6 M
9. This Means War $ 3.7 M $ 46.8 M
10. Journey 2: The Mysterious Island
$ 3.6 M $ 90.7 M

Extra Tidbit: SILENT HOUSE star Elizabeth Olsen (above) made waves in last years festival darling MARTHA MARCY MAY MARLENE.



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