Horror videogame roundup! Resident Evil 6 and The Walking Dead get new trailers, info

Time to get your fix of what's been going down in the dark, dingy world of horror gaming. First up is the latest trailer for the much anticipated RESIDENT EVIL 6 that debuted during Capcom's recent Captivate event. While the long-running series has been moving away from horror for the past several years, opting for a more action-oriented approach, there's still enough zombies, mutants, gore and awkward dialog to keep us interested. Check out this bad boy below:

While it doesn't pack quite as much of a punch as the debut trailer from earlier this year, it does prove a lot more informative. We finally learn the identity of some of the newly introduced characters, including the much older (and sexier) Sherry Birkin and the mysterious mercenary that turns out to be "Wesker Jr." - oh, snap! The guy does look a bit old to be Albert Wesker's (the series' main baddie) son, but remember - it's RESIDENT EVIL, so a genetically enhanced test-tube baby scenario is definitely not out of the question. Oh, and the series' beloved femme fatale Ada Wong (pictured below, in all her cosplay glory) also makes an appearance. Hey, the more the merrier - bring on the blood-soaked cheese! Still, probably the best bit of news to come out of this trailer is the revamped release date - it seems that the game will actually ship earlier than previously anticipated, with an October 2, 2012 street date. You can preorder the game right HERE.

Now onto THE WALKING DEAD, which is being developed by those adventure aficionados at Telltale Games. Fans of the original comic will be pleased to learn that the game is supposed to play it a lot closer to the source material than the hit AMC show. It definitely shows in the cell-shaded graphics, that do a great job of emulating the book's art style. Best of all, the developers came up with a truly brilliant way to promote their game - by preordering it, you get the chance to actually appear in it! Watch the trailer below to get the deets:

Buy one, get killed twice - sounds like a deal to me. Just be sure to hurry if you want to get in on the competition - the first downloadable episode of the game hits the web on April 25th!

Extra Tidbit: Which one are you more anxious to play - RE6 or TWD?



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