Horror writers, directors, and stars pay tribute to Tobe Hooper

Tobe Hooper

Yesterday, the horror community was shocked to hear the news that genre icon Tobe Hooper had passed away. I tried my best to pay respectful tribute to the man when I wrote the article about his passing, but tributes are truly best paid by people who actually knew the person behind the celebrity. Although THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE and THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 2 have always been two of my favorite films and the first film is a huge inspiration to me, I never had the opportunity to meet Tobe Hooper myself.

While I can talk about his career and the impact he had on cinema, I can't talk about the man he really was. So to honor Hooper's memory, I decided to compile some social media posts that have been made by some of Hooper's fellow genre filmmakers, all of whom had the chance I never had - they have all met Tobe Hooper.

Some of the people below only had brief encounters with him, some of them worked with him, and some were able to have a true friendship with him. What they all have in common is that they all crossed paths with him, they've all worked in horror, and they're all feeling the loss of Tobe Hooper.


I spoke with the man who gave me everything I have just yesterday. He died a happy man~

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