Hot Sundance title The Witch conjures up some imagery

This title hasn't really been on our radar much (not since it was first announced in 2013) but it sure as hell is now. THE WITCH is one of the hottest tickets at Sundance; in fact, it's premiering there today and from what I hear it's near impossible to get in. With that in mind, I thought I'd pass along some imagery from the spooky-looking production, which marks the directorial debut of Robert Eggers.

The synopsis:

A colonial family leaves plantation life and attempts to reap their harvest on a fledgling farm at the edge of an imposing ancient New England forest. Soon, superstition and dread set in as food grows scarce, a family member goes missing, and the children's play takes on a frenzied and menacing undercurrent. As they begin to turn on one another, the malevolent machinations of an ethereal presence from within the woods exacerbate the growing corruption of their own natures.

I fully expect THE WITCH to sell to a distributor by the end of the festival, so we'll be sure to pass along that news when it comes.

Source: Sundance.org



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