House of Cards director climbs Jacob's Ladder homage

So how is the JACOB'S LADDER remake doing these days? The last we heard was that MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN scribe Jeff Buhler was behind the script. Today some additional details have come to light and it turns out that the film is not exactly a remake of JACOB'S LADDER, but instead it's inspired by Adrian Lyne’s 1990 cult classic starring Tim Robbins. According to The Wrap, “House of Cards” director James Foley is in negotiations to direct an homage to the 1990 cult classic for Mickey Liddell’s LD Entertainment.

As this stuff usually goes, we don't know a whole lot. What we do know, however, is that the untitled paranoid thriller that Foley is developing is less a remake than a contemporary homage to the original film that introduces new situations and characters, though it will pose similar existential questions regarding life, death, reality and perception. I'm glad that they have steered away from a straight-up remake of JACOB'S LADDER because some of the better remakes tend to follow this route where they take similar themes from the original and turn them into a film that can stand on its own as something unique.

Liddell and LD Entertainment’s Jennifer Monroe are producing the project with Michael Gaeta and Alison Rosenzweig.

Extra Tidbit: Do you guys like the approach they are taking towards JACOBO'S LADDER?
Source: The Wrap



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