Human Centipede director's vile new film The Onania Club seeks distribution

The Human Centipede Tom Six

Three years ago, we heard that Tom Six, writer/director of the HUMAN CENTIPEDE trilogy, was planning to make a new film called THE ONANIA CLUB, which he promised would be "the most politically incorrect inhumane horror flick ever unleashed on mankind!"

Produced by Tom Six and Ilona Six through their Six Entertainment production company, THE ONANIA CLUB has now been made with a cast that includes Jessica Morris, Deborah Twiss, Karen Strassman, Flo Lawrence, and JASON LIVES' Darcy DeMoss. The Sixes are seeking distribution for their film, hoping to get it released this fall.

Tom Six isn't giving away what his new film is about, but he promises that it features "mostly strong female characters" (who pass the Bechdel test) and is "one of the most vile, inhumane movie experiences of all time."

The word onania is synonymous with masturbation, so all we can do while we wait to hear distribution news is ponder what sort of horrific ideas Six has come up with that might involve a masturbation club.

Indiewire got their hands on a poster for THE ONANIA CLUB, which can be seen below.

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Source: IndieWire



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