Humanity is toast in trailer for alien invasion film Occupation

Occupation Luke Sparke Temuera Morrison

Saban Films has released an action-packed trailer for director Luke Sparke's OCCUPATION, an alien invasion sci-fi thriller they will be giving a theatrical and VOD release on July 20th.

Sparke wrote the screenplay with Felix Williamson. The film's synopsis: 

A town is suddenly plunged into darkness. In the sky, a fleet of spaceships appears. The aliens have been watching Earth for centuries; now they have arrived to seize control of our planet. As alien storm troopers cut a deadly swath through the countryside, a ragtag group of townspeople realize they must band together. This is a chance to strike back at the invaders in this explosive sci-fi film that grips from start to thrilling finish.

Temuera Morrison of the STAR WARS franchise and THE ROAD WARRIOR's Bruce Spence star alongside Dan Ewing, Stephany Jacobsen, Rhiannon Fish, Zachary Garred, Izzy Stevens, Charles Terrier, Charles Mesure, Trystan Go, Felix Williamson, Jacqueline McKenzie, and Aaron Jeffery.

An Australian production, OCCUPATION will be getting a slightly earlier release in its country of origin. It will be in Australian cinemas as of July 12th. Early screenings have proven to be so popular that a sequel has already been announced, and I can see why. The trailer is pretty cool.

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