Hungarian hottie Andrea Osvart joins Eli Roth produced thriller Aftershock

More than six months it's been since last updating you on AFTERSHOCK, the Chilean disaster film shepherded by Eli Roth. While certainly long, the wait's been worth it...as we now have our very first starring name added to the production.

Variety has it that Hungarian hottie Andrea Osvart (pictured) has been cast in AFTERSHOCK. No details regarding her part were given, but suffice it to say she'll be one of the lone survivors trapped underground after a devastating earthquake.

With Nicolás López directing from a script he co-wrote with Roth and Guillermo Amoedo - AFTERSHOCK:

“Is basically set in the aftermath of the Chilean earthquake. That (the idea) came from him (Lopez) describing to me what the hours were like immediately following the earthquake. Everybody is on Facebook, everybody is on Twitter, everything is hi-tech. Then, within seconds, it’s like the Stone Age. There’s no electricity, no phones. There are fires. Criminals are out of the prisons and there are no police. You don’t know what the hell is going on.” - Eli Roth

AFTERSHOCK is slated to enter production this spring.

Extra Tidbit: Osvart has over 30 credits dating back to 2000. Her first was that of "hotel maid" in a flick called CONTAMINATED MAN.
Source: Variety



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