Hunger Games star Alexander Ludwig set to hunt Abigail Breslin in Final Girl

Spiky blond hair and a six pack? Is that a central casting call for ring leader of douches?!

Oh I jest young Alexander Ludwig (seen right), who just landed a starring gig opposite Abigail Breslin in the revenge horror FINAL GIRL. Not terribly out of line for Ludwig, as he's used to hunting young ladies onscreen (THE HUNGER GAMES). Dude must be doing something right.

From first time director Tyler Shields and script by Adam prince:

FINAL GIRL follows a pack of feral teenage boys who choose the wrong girl to be the victim of their final "initiation," as she ultimately turns the tables on them.

Sounds like I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE to me, hopefully Prince and Shields can differentiate themselves from former material and make a standout picture. Breslin is certainly worth a watch if nothing else.

How do you feel about FINAL GIRL so far?

Extra Tidbit: I can't get enough of this pic of HUNGER GAMES star Liz Banks (above).
Source: Variety



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