I have no idea what's happening in this clip from retro slasher The Windmill

The Windmill

Nick Jongerius's upcoming Amsterdam-set horror flick THE WINDMILL has been described as a retro slasher throwback, but in the newest clip from the film, it feels more like a HAUSU spin-off. It's completely incomprehensible, and not just because the dialogue isn't translated. That's definitely not a detraction, I like my horror movies to keep me on my toes.

Also, there's probably some valuable context we're missing, not having seen the beginning of the film. But this clip of a young man discovering a wicker chair in a forest and weeping at it is certainly befuddling. Check it out below, and see if its woozy charms will lure you over onto its side.

Based on an idea by Jongerius and written by Suzy Quid and Chris W. Mitchell, the film tells the following story: 

A group of unsuspecting tourists awaken a mysterious evil whilst on a trip through the Dutch countryside. When their tour bus breaks down, the strangers are forced to seek shelter in an abandoned barn beside a sinister windmill where, legend has it, a Devil-worshipping miller once ground the bones of locals instead of grain. As members of the group start disappearing, secrets are revealed that seem to mark them all for doom.

Noah Taylor, Charlotte Beaumont, Patrick Baladi, Tanroh Ishida, and Ben Batt star.

XLrator Media will be releasing THE WINDMILL on VOD and iTunes on October 25th, with a theatrical release to follow on October 28th.

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Source: Dread Central



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