Ian Malcolm will be speaking Crichton dialogue in Jurassic World 2

Jurassic Park Jeff Goldblum

I'm looking forward to JURASSIC WORLD 2 (not the official title) for a number of reasons, among them the fact that I enjoyed JURASSIC WORLD, so I'm interested in a continuation, and also that I want to see what director J.A. Bayona brings to the table and how he handles dinosaur action. Although I was guaranteed to see it regardless, one thing that gave my interest and enthusiasm a significant boost was the announcement that Jeff Goldblum would be reprising the role of Ian Malcolm, the "thinks he's a rock star" chaotician from JURASSIC PARK and its first sequel THE LOST WORLD: JURASSIC PARK, in this fifth entry in the franchise.

Colin Trevorrow, who directed JURASSIC WORLD and is back to produce and co-write JURASSIC WORLD 2, recently spoke with MTV News, and (as reported by Screen Rant) during the conversation he dropped an interesting bit of information about Malcolm's role in the sequel. According to Trevorrow, he went back to the source material when writing for Ian Malcolm, lifting lines from the original novels written by Michael Crichton.

You know, I did rely on [Michael] Crichton for a lot. I used a lot of Crichton dialogue. Maybe one of my highlights of this whole process is Goldblum. Jeff Goldblum called me – and I’m not going to do an impression – but he was like, ‘Look, I’ve added a couple of things, and I thought I’d perform it for you.’ [Laughs] Oh, great, okay. So, we sat on the phone for an hour as he ran these lines, and I talked about it. And, I mean, that’s – it was almost better than being there on set. It was great."

Knowing that Ian Malcolm will be speaking lines originally written for the character by Michael Crichton makes me even more excited to see him in JURASSIC WORLD 2.

From the moment Goldblum shows up on the screen in the sequel and for however long his appearance in the film lasts, he will be stealing the show from co-stars Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Daniella Pineda, Toby Jones, Rafe Spall, Justice Smith, Ted Levine, Geraldine Chaplin, Brooke Norbury, and B.D. Wong.

JURASSIC WORLD 2 is set to reach theatres on June 22, 2018.

Extra Tidbit: Are you looking forward to the return of Ian Malcolm?
Source: Screen Rant



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