If you care, here's why Julia Roberts doesn't do horror movies

Julia Roberts is an actress that doesn't make horror movies. Other than MARY REILLY and FLATLINERS, evidently. And I guess her dislike for horror doesn't extend to dark thrillers such as CONSPIRACY THEORY, SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY, and the remake of THE SECRET IN THEIR EYES either. But oh, well. Roberts, it seems, will never make (another) horror movie.

And as it turns out, Roberts isn't even up for starring in a horror TV series, as evident by her sit down with EW today where she talked about AMERICAN HORROR STORY. This particular series is of note for Roberts as she's not only friends with creator Ryan Murphy (he directed her in something called EAT, PRAY, LOVE) but her niece Emma Roberts stars in the series on occasion. But still, no horror for Ms. Roberts.

And here's why:

You know everybody divides the world into two groups? My two groups are people that like to be scared and people who don’t like to be scared. The first season of American Horror Story came out and the way that I took my kids to school then, there was a traffic light that I always hit red and there was a poster for American Horror Story right at that traffic light. I called Ryan and I said, ‘I’m just going to tell you right now — I don’t think I can watch your show. I can’t support you. I don’t think I can do it.’ He goes, ‘Lady, you won’t get through the commercial.’ Okay, that’s a good friend. Someone who really knows me and so of course I would never watch that.

She continues:

And then Emma’s on it and I say, ‘Emma, sweetheart, I don’t think I can watch this show that you’re in.’ And she goes, ‘Auntie, I was in this toy box at the end of this bed and they pulled my arm off.’ I go, ‘Okay. You just have to stop talking. I can’t handle it.’ So that is off the table for me. I don’t watch things like that.

And there you have it. That's why Julia Roberts will never star in Ryan Murphy's AMERICAN HORROR STORY. Not that the man ever asked her too in the first place, but still. All of this does have me thinking though that maybe Roberts could kill it in a horror flick. After all, she's pretty damn scary as is, so I can only imagine if let off the rails (ala Toni Collette in HEREDITARY) she might turn in a quality horror role for the ages.

But I guess we'll never know.

Would you like to see the PRETTY WOMAN herself take a swing at the horror genre? If so, what role would you like to see her take on? Heroine or villain? Obviously a villain, right? Make sure to give this topic some thought and then let us know what you come up with below!

Looks pretty "horror" to me.

Source: EW



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