If you dare, scope some scenes from the season finale of "The Walking Dead"

Warning: Spoilers below!

So "The Walking Dead" landed quite a body-blow last night, didn't it? While I can't say I'm too shocked, actually thought the same would happen a week prior, there's no doubt the series will be forever changed moving forward. Season 2 comes to a close next week, and if you're curious enough to see what those changes entail before The Governor (David Morrissey) is introduced next season...THR has a few scenes from the show's "jaw dropping" finale. Scope them out below at your own peril.

Note, I've deliberately chosen to avoid this clip, as I haven't even watched last night's episode. I only know about the outcome from casting news that hit today about the actor relinquished. Which sucks...

But let's open it up anyway. Are you impressed with how "The Walking Dead" has rebounded the last 4-5 episodes? Are you bummed about the loss of the shows two finest actors? What do you think about the morality tales and civil rows between humans seen in the show? Where do you think it can go from here?

Series regular Laurie Holden

Extra Tidbit: I wonder if Darabont is deliberately getting characters killed off in order for the actors to join his new TNT "LA Noir" series.
Source: THR



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