IFC Midnight to let The Pack howl in theaters this Spring

Nick Robertson's THE PACK has found a new alpha! The rabid canine thriller has been picked up by IFC Midnight, to be released in Spring 2016.

It's been quite a while since an animal attack flick has made a name for itself, but it's certainly a fun genre. Dozens of hapless Americans have been slaughtered by FROGS, THE BIRDS, and even SLUGS, so it's exciting to move the menace to something actually dangerous. 

In THE PACK, written by Evan Randall Green:

Devoted family man Adam Wilson is shocked to discover that the last of his livestock have been mauled to death on his rural ranch. Making matters worse, his wife informs him that their home veterinary business is failing, making a comfortable future uncertain for their feisty teenage daughter and young son. When a determined bank representative makes a surprise visit to the ranch to threaten foreclosure on the property, Adam firmly reassures his family that they are going nowhere, and that he will fight for the place that they call home.

Adam plans a celebratory feast that night, hoping to allay everyone’s concerns about the future, but dark shadows lurk outside their isolated farmhouse. A large pack of hungry and ferocious feral dogs circle restlessly in the darkness, thirsty for blood, waiting for their chance to attack. Suddenly the power to the farmhouse is cut and the evil hounds are unleashed, triggering a bloody and desperate battle for survival. With no way to call for help, Adam must protect his family from the violent onslaught of vicious evil howling outside their door!

THE PACK stars Anna Lise Phillips, Jack Campbell, and Kieran Thomas McNamara.

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Source: Deadline



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