Illustrated book re-tells Alien from the perspective of Jonesy the cat


While we wait to hear what the future holds for the ALIEN franchise on the big screen, with ALIEN: COVENANT having been a disappointment and distributor 20th Century Fox now preparing to merge with Disney, the series continues in the pages of novels published by Titan Books... and one very interesting upcoming novel will be taking us back to the events of the first ALIEN film, re-telling that story from a different perspective.

That's the perspective of Jonesy, the "little shithead" cat that was running around inside the alien-infested ship Nostromo. The cat our heroine Ripley risked her life to save in the film's final moments.

The book is titled Jonesy: Nine Lives on the Nostromo. Written and illustrated by Rory Lucey, it has the following synopsis: 

In space, no one can hear you meow. 

Aboard the USCSS Nostromo, Jonesy leads a simple life enjoying The Company cat food and chasing space rodents. Until one day, his cryostasis catnap is rudely interrupted. The humans have a new pet and it’s definitely not housetrained. 

This full-colour, illustrated book offers a cat’s eye view of all the action from the movie Alien.

Scheduled to be released on October 16th, Nine Lives on the Nostromo can be pre-ordered right now through Forbidden Planet.

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