Image Entertainment invites you Home Sweet Home in June

Not to be confused with the other film with the same title (which we just told ya about HERE), director John KD Graham's home invasion shocker HOME SWEET HOME will be hitting DVD June 4 from Image Entertainment.

Starring Alexandra Boylan, Christopher Dempsey, Raquel Cantu and Lorena Segura York, HOME SWEET HOME is about:

Gwen Stevens (Boylan) is at a crossroads in her life and needs a safe, quiet place to get her head together. But when she arrives at the house of her deceased parents in the remote New Mexico desert, she realizes that her peaceful refuge has become home to a pair of psychotic squatters with plans of their own. Now, miles from civilization and possible rescue, Gwen finds herself trapped, tormented and waging a desperate fight to escape the brutal intruders who have moved in…and who now want her life.

With a familiar premise that we've seen time and time again we'll just have to hope that Graham and company have thrown in a few clever twists (and hopefully lots of the red stuff) to keep viewers interested. I'm a sucker for home invastion flicks, but I need some originality or plenty of gore to keep me involved.

Look for HOME SWEET HOME to hit the shelves on June 4.

Extra Tidbit: What is the best home invasion film you've ever seen?



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