Independence Day sequel eyes Liam Hemsworth

Liam Hemsworth

With Will Smith out of the picture, Roland Emmerich’s INDEPENDENCE DAY sequel is currently looking for its leading man, and according to The Wrap, they might have just found him. HUNGER GAMES star Liam Hemsworth has the offer to star in the film, says the site. That’s it. That’s all we know. There’s no way he says no to this, right? You get to fight aliens with Jeff Goldblum and Bill Pullman, man!

Emmerich is still on board to direct the sequel, which will see Carter Blanchard (“Glimmer”) rewrite the script. James Vanderbilt wrote the first draft of the film, which Emmerich is producing with Dean Devlin and Harald Kloser.

Obviously, this one is still in the very early stages, so hang in there for any new details; we'll be sure to pass them along to you guys once we get 'em.

Independence Day Will Smith Jeff Goldblum

Extra Tidbit: Do you think Hemsworth is a good choice?
Source: The Wrap



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