Indie zombie flick The Revenant scores itself a new trailer

What is it with today and horror-comedies? Oh well, here's another one for y'all - THE REVENANT is an indie zombie comedy that we've been hearing about since 2009, but now it finally seems like we might get a chance to see it soon. With that in mind, here's a new trailer to remind you why this might be a flick worth seeing. Watch that shite below.

A horror comedy in the vein of SHAUN OF THE DEAD and ZOMBIELAND, THE REVENANT tells the story of a soldier and his slacker best friend who become zombies, and then use their newfound powers to become vigilante crime fighters with hilariously mixed results when their adventures become more complicated and bloody than expected.

Written and directed by acclaimed visual effects expert D. Kerry Prior, THE REVENANT stars David Anders and Chris Wylde. Paladin, a NY based distro-company, will release the film theatrically in August with a simultaneous day-and-date Ultra VOD bow through LIGHTNING MEDIA, Lightning’s US distribution arm.

Extra Tidbit: D. Kerry Prior was involved in visual effects for such movies as STARSHIP TROOPERS, BUBBA HO-TEP and the PHANTASM series.
Source: STYD



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