Insidious Chapter 2 is coming home for Christmas

Though it was not quite as good as its predecessor, INSIDIOUS CHAPTER 2 made some serious waves at the worldwide box office, grossing $137 million - and that's after a budget of only $5 million. If you weren't among those who experienced it in the theater, you'll have your chance to get spooked by the sequel this Christmas, as Sony Pictures Home Entertainment will release the James Wan film on December 24th on Blu-ray and DVD.

Fans can delve deeper into “The Further” with more than an hour of bonus materials exclusive to the Blu-ray Combo Pack, including a three-part webisode called “Insidious: Spectral Sightings,” which gives an inside look at the business operations of Specs and Tucker from their early days as paranormal investigators through their investigation with Elise.

Cast and crew highlights are also included in the three additional behind-the-scenes featurettes available exclusively on the Blu-ray Combo Pack, including a discussion about making INSIDIOUS 2 and what it was like to film at a haunted location. Fans can unlock secrets from this suspense thriller through two additional featurettes available on both the Blu-ray Combo Pack and DVD. “Peripheral Vision: Behind the Scenes” takes fans onto the set of the film to see how it was created, and “Ghostly Transformation” follows the make-up effects used to create the ghosts in The Further.

Special Features include:

- “Haunted Hospital: On Location” -- Cast and crew discuss what it’s like to film at a haunted location (Blu-ray exclusive)
- “Leigh Whannell’s Insidious Journal” -- A look at making the film through the perspective of writer/actor Leigh Whannell (Blu-ray exclusive)
- “Work in Progress: On Set Q&A” -- Barbara Hershey, Patrick Wilson, Jason Blum, James Wan, and Leigh Whannell discuss their experiences filming
- "Insidious: Spectral Sightings" 3-Part Webisodes -- Specs & Tucker find an unexpected ally in their early days as paranormal investigators (Blu-ray exclusive)
- “Peripheral Vision: Behind the Scenes” -- Go on the set and see how the second installment was created
- “Ghostly Transformation” -- Discover how actors were transformed into ghosts in The Further through make-up effects

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