International trailer for Night Fare, aka Duel meets Joyride!


If you thought Travis Bickle was a disturbed taxi driver, just wait until you get into the passenger's seat with this guy!

Here we have the international trailer for NIGHT FARE, a French thriller that looks like a combination of JOY RIDE and DUEL. (Yes, I realize JOY RIDE had plenty of DUEL in it to begin with.) Julien Seri directs the film, which as far as I can tell still doesn't have a release date.

Here's the synopsis for the film, which came to be thanks to a crowd-funding campaign:

Two kids from the ghetto return to the suburbs after a night of drinking and partying in Paris. They hail a taxi to get take them home, 15 kilometers outside of Paris. When the time comes to pay the driver, the two guys decide not to pay and make a run for it. It was neither the right taxi nor the right driver to mess with. The taxi will hunt them down through the night. He will never let them go, be it physically or mentally...they are going to pay.

Check out the international trailer for NIGHT FARE below.


Extra Tidbit: How does NIGHT FARE look to you?



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