INT: Aaron Eckhart

The cast of THE DARK KNIGHT is a terrific ensemble of really talented actors. All of which have appeared in some very important and groundbreaking films. Aaron Eckhart is no exception. His work in IN THE COMPANY OF MEN, YOUR FRIENDS & NEIGHBORS and THANK YOU FOR SMOKING has garnered him some terrific reviews. Now, Aaron takes on Harvey Dent in Christopher Nolan’s THE DARK KNIGHT. And it is a compelling performance that stands very well alongside Christian Bale and of course Heath Ledger.

It was a pleasure meeting Aaron in person. He seems to be such a decent, down to earth guy that happens to be very talented. He talked about his role and the opportunity to take on a project which he respects. He even talks briefly about Heath’’s performance and how everyone gets their chance to shine in TDK. I hope that this brings even more attention to Aarons performance. He gives one helluva show, as does the rest of this talented cast. And yes, July 18th will soon be here.

Source: AITH

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