INTERVIEW: Anthony Hopkins star of The Wolfman!

Sir Anthony Hopkins is one of the finest actors in the world. While I have several favorites when it comes to his work, I would be remiss to not include Hannibal Lecter. But when I was very young, I saw Mr. Hopkins in MAGIC, and it scared the hell out of me. But what about THE LION IN WINTER, HOWARDS END, THE ELEPHANT MAN, TITUS, DRACULA... it's mystifying as to the many great films this man has made. And now, he returns to remake another classic Universal monster movie, and that would be THE WOLFMAN. He takes a much darker tone as Sir John Talbot, the cold and mysterious father to Lawrence Talbot, the beast/man.

There were a few things I learned during my interview with this talented thespian. First off, sitting across from him, even though it is my second time, is a fairly surreal experience. That is until he talks to you, and you realize that he is also a very genuine sort of fellow. Secondly, I will add something that everybody knows, and that is he will be Odin in Kenneth Branagh's THOR. While I really wanted to hear about his work in that, he had made it clear to several journalists before me that he was not there to talk about THOR, and he wanted to support THE WOLFMAN. I respected his wishes, and he thanked me for it. Thirdly, he does give away some POSSIBLE SPOILERS in this interview. But of course, the film is coming out this Friday to a theatre near you, so you can see it for yourself.

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