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While on the set of of the NIGHT OF THE DEMONS remake in New Orleans, AITH's own "king boozer" Donny Broussard had the chance to talk chop-chop shop with bombshell BOBBI SUE LUTHER and actor JOHN F. BEACH. Here's what they had to say!  Read Part 1 of our set visit HERE, check out our interview with the Director ADAM GIERASCH HERE, tap our NOTD stills HERE and read our MONICA KEENA/EDWARD FURLONG chit-chat session HERE.


I heard you were from Louisiana.  Where exactly in Louisiana?

John F. Beach:  Shreveport.  I was born in Monroe and raised in Shreveport, and now I live in LA. I have a bunch of college buddies that live down here, a sister in Baton Rouge, and a lot of family close by.  So this is really cool.

How did you become involved with NOTD, and have you seen the original?

Bobbi Sue Luther:  Of course, of course, and part two which is really good too.  You know, it's one of the classics, and I'm definitely a horror fan myself.  I love the genre, all sides of the genre; old, new, quirky, campy, the whole nine.  So it was really fun to audition, and get the part, and come out to film in Louisiana. 

John F. Beach:  I went in and read, and I loved the scenes that I had.  Then I went and watched the original so that I could see what they took from that.  The way this script is written is really fun, there's comedy, and even with the crazy stuff going on it should be really entertaining.  Plus getting to come to New Orleans.

Had you been to New Orleans before this?

Bobbi Sue Luther:  I had.  I was here for two Mardi Gras, a New Years Eve, and Jazz Fest.  I've always been in love with this city, and now I'm even more in love with it because I get to spend more than just a five day or seven day week.  I'm here for a month, and I just love the city.  It's one of the most amazing places on the planet.  It's certainly one of those cities that you either love or hate, the lines are very delineated.

What's it like working with Adam Gierasch?

Bobbi Sue Luther:  He's awesome!

John F. Beach:  Its been great.

 Bobbi Sue Luther:  He's definitely found his groove and just settled right in.  He's an uber-fan of the genre, and I think he certainly does this movie justice.  I don't think you have to be a fan of the genre to be a good horror director, but I think that with something like this where the fan-base is so diehard, you have to know your shit.  And Adam is at the top of his game for knowing his shit about the genre. 

John F. Beach:  Totally.  I remember having conversations with him after he cast me, and he'd be like, have you seen this, or this.  So I found myself going out and renting horror movies, and trying to get up to speed so that I could speak the same language as him.  He's like an encyclopedia of horror knowledge.

Bobbi Sue Luther:  Also with movies, and filmmaking itself too.  He's a filmmaker, he loves moviemaking, and he loves movies. Every genre of movie.

John F Beach:  Yeah, when we were talking about the style he was bringing up other movies in other genres.  Even comedies just as far as like the vibe of the ensemble cast in certain movies, and what he wanted to create with this. 

 Bobbi Sue Luther:  I think he's going to be extremely respectful of the original, but this one is a different demon altogether.   No pun intended. Ir really is, it's it's own thing entirely, which is a good thing because it'll be able to stand on it's own two legs.  But fans of the original, I don't think will be disappointed. 


Source: AITH

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