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It's cool seeing somebody so passionate about comics finally getting the opportunity to don the red boots and cape. Oh no wait... that was SUPERMAN. Well, Nicolas Cage didn't get that part, but he did get the chance to have a flaming skull and a badass chopper. This man is so dedicated to the character of GHOST RIDER that he even had him tattooed on his back. Talk about passion. Then we have Eva Mendes, one of the hottest people on the planet. And believe it or not, she looks even better in person!

JoBlo.com got the chance to chat with both of the GHOST RIDER stars and find out a little bit about the movie, as well as what the future has in store for them.

Nicolas Cage Eva Mendes

You have different styles and you can choose to be photo realistic like World Trade Center , or you can be pop art illustrative. Why limit yourself to one style of acting? And especially when you look at Ghost Rider you see a comic book story structure that digs a little deeper. It doesn't take itself too seriously, of course, it's funny, but it's coming from classic themes like Faust with Gerta or Thomas Mann or then Beauty and the Beast and it's fascinating to take those story structures and reintroduce people to it in a pop art, contemporary manner.

Cage: Well, I'm really done. I think Ghost Rider is my guy and I'm going to stick with that, but if I had to pay my $7 bucks or $8 bucks or however much it is now…

Cage: I was talking to Avi. Do you guys get it? Can't you see it? That would be a fun movie, wouldn't it? Just you in a bikini, just kicking a bunch of ass. Throwing cars…

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