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It’s not every day that you get to interview one of your influences but today was my day. Christopher Lambert has always been one of my favorites. When I was in Theatre school, I couldn’t get enough of his movies. Flicks like "Subway", "Greystoke", "The Sicilian" and of course, "Highlander". I looked up to him and never stopped following his career. Christopher took the time to talk to The Arrow and here’s how it turned out…

1- Has the business side of "acting" tarnished the craft over the years? Is it still fun for you?

Acting is still, of course, what I love to do most. The beauty of it is that by changing characters, it never gets boring.

2- Congratulations on "Resurrection", a very solid film. You have a story credit on that one. What inspired you to write such a twisted tale? Did the movie "Seven" have anything to do with it?

Thank you. The story credit was actually given to me because I came up with the idea but I didn’t write the script. That was done by Brad Mirman. Regarding "Seven", that is a question that should be answered by Russell Mulcahy, the director.

3- The original "Highlander" is one of my all-time favorites. Highlander 4 is coming out soon. What can fans expect with this new entry?

Because we had number 2 and 3, we were allowed to do a number 4 (or HL:Endgame) and we were able to not only go back to an action movie but also reflect strongly on the joys and the pains of immortality. The first fight sequences are probably the best ever and the story line is probably the strongest since HL1.

4- Throughout your career, what would you say was your biggest disappointment?

Nothing was really disappointing. When something is passed over, you can't do anything about it, so you might as well look at it in a positive way.

5- Of all the parts you have played, which one do you hold closer to your heart?

"Greystoke" because it was my first big movie but I've also got lots of feelings for "Highlander", "Subway", "Nirvana" and "Gideon".

6- I checked out
your site, liked it a lot...very friendly. What was the main reason you decided to hop on board the Internet train?

If it's done with pleasure and a fun attitude, it's a great way to communicate with your fans. I'm glad you like the site.

7- Apart from the next Highlander, what can we expect from Christopher Lambert in the near future?

I finished an epic in the vain of Braveheart called "Druids" (or "Vercingetorix" in France) which is the story of the first king of France: Vercingetorix, who unified his country battling against Caesar in 52 B.C. Sony pictures has the U.S. distribution rights. After that, I've finished a political thriller called "Point Men" directed by John Glen.

8- POINT MEN: What kind of part do you play in the film? What kind of preparation did you do for the role? What we can expect from that film, any crazy action sequences? Intense drama?

I play a secret agent, a killer from the Israeli secret service (the Mossad) and I'm a "Point Man", which is in secret agent language...a close range killer. As usual, a few gymnastics and martial arts. There is a lot of action scenes, guns, trains, motorcycles sequences. There is also a very spectacular car and train sequence.

9- DRUIDS: Is this a film that will appeal to an American audience? What part do you play? Does it have a love story in it? What kind of release will the film get in the US? Please don't tell me it's going straight to tape (having "Resurrection" go straight to video in the US was a sin).

Yes, it's a movie that was shot in English as well as in French. We did a full English version because we wanted this big epic in the vain of Braveheart to be attractive to an America audience as well as to the rest of the world. I'm what you could call the first king of France in 52 B.C. and I'm trying to save my country against Julius Caesar. There is a beautiful love story, very romantic and very sad in some ways. The love interest is played by the beautiful Ines Sastre. I don't know about the distribution of the film because it is currently in post production but it will more than likely be released sometime next year through Sony Pictures.

10- You're a very busy man, what do you do to relax?

I work.

11- Any advice for the struggling actor out there?

The most important thing is to be passionate and ready to accept the pains that sometimes go along with the business.

12- What are some of your favorite scary movies?

"The Shining", "Rosemary's Baby", "Evil Dead" and "Halloween".

They’re can be only one…Christopher Lambert. Thanks a bundle, dude and come back anytime. Not only is the man a wonderful actor but he’s also a true gentleman with an obvious affection for his fans. All you Lambert fans should check out his site at: www.christopherlambert.com

It’s a wonderful site that will have you surfing through it for hours. Now my next goal in life is to one day share a scene with the man. Watch out Christopher, I’m coming…



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