INT: Christopher Nolan

There are a handful of directors out there that have created some pretty inventive and daring films over the past few years. Christopher Nolan is one of them. His work including MEMENTO, INSOMNIA and THE PRESTIGE have garnered some very favorable reviews. But for him to take on BATMAN BEGINS, it was a risk that maybe his Batman wouldn’t live up to the earlier incarnations of the legendary character. Yet he did it, he reintroduced the character as well as anyone could have. But it is with THE DARK KNIGHT, Christopher has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that he was absolutely the right choice.

When we spoke, I was really excited to talk to him. But at the same time, there was a very strong sense of seriousness at the junket. As filmgoers, we were all shocked with the passing of Heath Ledger, but these people worked with him every day. They knew him as a friend on a much more personal level. So truthfully, I wasn’t sure if it would be the right time to talk about him. But luckily, I did feel that it would be very appropriate to talk about his performance with Christian, along with Aaron Eckhart who is also terrific in the film. I had such a good time talking to him about the film and about how he really brought Gotham City to life. And yes, this is the week that most of you have been waiting for. THE DARK KNIGHT is finally here, opening Friday (or Thursday at midnight if you have tickets) at a theatre near you.

Source: AITH

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