Interview: Colin Farrell (Total Recall)

Colin Farrell is arguably one of the finest actors working today. He continually takes on challenging films including ONDINE and IN BRUGES while still having a little fun with flicks like FRIGHT NIGHT, HORRIBLE BOSSES and now TOTAL RECALL. This versatile actor takes on what may be his most physically demanding role in Len Wiseman’s remake of the Schwarzenegger classic.

It is hard not to feel completely welcomed by Mr. Farrell. Every opportunity I’ve had speaking to the actor has been terrific. This time was a real treat as he is usually partnered with somebody else for interviews, yet he flew solo on this particular junket. That gave us the chance to talk one on one about the physicality of playing ‘Doug Quaid’ and whether or not there were any concerns about taking on this iconic character. And as a major fan of IN BRUGES, I was thrilled that he spoke a little bit about working with writer/director Martin McDonagh again for SEVEN PSYCHOPATHS. Check out the great Colin Farrell in TOTAL RECALL this Friday at a theatre near you.

"I have hours in the day to fill when I used to be doing other stuff..."

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