INT: Derek Mears

I first met Derek Mears back when this year's Halloween Horror Nights was opened to the public. I liked his attitude back then as he walked the haunted streets of Universal and came face to face with Jason Voorhees. It had to be a surreal experience facing off all these hockey masked foes being that he is about bring the iconic killer to life in a theatre near you. But it is not as if he is new to the business, he has a very solid career as a stuntman and as an actor.

Speaking to him now, the most impressive thing about him is that he hasn't let it all go to his head. He seems genuinely excited about this character and his role in FRIDAY THE 13TH. We talked about his favorite Jason and why he could relate to him so much... no, no, he doesn't carry around a machete... but he does share a very interesting story about FRIDAY THE 13th Part 4. I really liked Mr. Mears as Jason. He is scary and really damn menacing. He makes a great addition to the legend of Camp Crystal Lake. And you can return there yourself this coming Friday the 13th.

Source: AITH

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