INTERVIEW: Emily Blunt of The Wolfman!

I’ll be honest, I haven’t had the opportunity to see all of Emily Blunt’s films, but she certainly has an impressive resume. From her wonderful performance in THE YOUNG VICTORIA to her critically acclaimed work in SUNSHINE CLEANING, her star is definitely on the rise. And now, she breath’s new life as the leading lady in THE WOLFMAN, alongside Benicio del Toro, and damn if she doesn’t hold her own.

Can I just get it out of the way that Emily is really quite beautiful in person? Seriously, she is just stunning. Okay, back to this… I really enjoyed talking to Emily besides the whole beauty thing, she is also just a fun lady to chat with. We talked about her character not being a screamer, a rarity in horror, but she spoke about how people tend not to scream when they are frightened. Yes, she doesn’t scream, but she turns what could have been a useless character into one worth rooting for. You can see Emily in THE WOLFMAN on February 12th at a theatre near you.

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