Interview: Evil Dead director Fede Alvarez and hottie Jany Levy!

Imagine being the director of a remake for a film that is held very closely to horror fans all over the world. That task was given to Fede Alvarez when he took on a modern take of the Sam Raimi classic EVIL DEAD. He, along with his leading lady Jane Levy have given us a horror flick worthy of its hype. This is one wild and terrifying ride that truly lives up to its already impressive reputation. It carries on the good name of the franchise while adding a brand new level of horror and fun to the mix.

When I sat down with Alvarez and Levy we talked about finding new ways to keep the five soon-to-be victims inside the cabin. Quick warning, if you don’t want to know anything about the upcoming remake, you may want to hold off on watching… so here you go, SPOILERS AHEAD!!! Either way, EVIL DEAD is coming to claim your soul this Friday at a theatre near you.

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