INT: Friday 13th babes

It is an interesting idea having two possible female leads in a horror film. And both Amanda and Danielle were a fine fit in FRIDAY THE 13TH and the world of legendary horror icon Jason Voorhees. The two actresses have been around for awhile and now, they have to fight off the summer camp psycho with a hockey mask.

Both Amanda and Danielle seemed excited about their latest journey into Camp Crystal Lake. Both ladies do good work in the film and are definitely worth rooting for. We did talk about a possible sequel and again, IF they survived would they come back. And of course, Jared and the two ladies seemed to play it very carefully as they talked F13 Part 2. And of course, this coming Friday the 13th, you can see if anybody survives Jason... or if he has a romantic interlude with either since it is Valentines Day weekend. Speaking of that, a double feature of F13 and MBV 3D sounds like a good time to me.

Source: AITH

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