INTERVIEW: Fright Night! Colin Farrell & director Craig Gillespie!

Just coming off the heels of his last flick, HORRIBLE BOSSES, Colin Farrell plays the vampire, Jerry, in FRIGHT NIGHT. Without spoiling anything I really have to say he played the part of new neighbor of Charley and Jane Brewster, (Anton Yelchin and Toni Collette) extremely creepy but really likable at the same time.

Though I have never seen anything by Craig Gillespie (LARS AND THE REAL GIRL) I am familiar with his work. As his first foray into horror, FRIGHT NIGHT looks to be the film that may break him out as the next hot film director.

We chat about their favorite vampires of the past, "Doctor Who," "Pride Prejudice and Zombies" and the script writer Marti Noxon’s controversial choice of changing Peter Vincent from an actor/TV host to an illusionist.

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