INTERVIEW: FX master and pimp Rick Baker!

Let’s face it, Rick Baker is one of the most important men in the world of horror (and in film itself). His brilliant work in AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON gave the Academy Awards a reason to vote for FX make-up. To list his many films would just take up too much space, but I will mention of couple of my favorites including London of course, and HELLBOY, THE FRIGHTENERS and ED WOOD. And of course, so many more.

So here I am, sitting across from this living legend and I was profoundly impressed by his humble and decent nature. This is not a man of ego, Rick is a man of passion who truly loves his work. And yes, he certainly gives fans something to howl for in THE WOLFMAN. When I mention the idea of a sequel, like a “true” Wolfman sequel, he seemed to be very excited about that possibility. But if you love a good monster movie, you might want to check out THE WOLFMAN at a theatre near you, this Friday, February 12th.

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