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According to Wes Craven's THE HILLS HAVE EYES 2, the lucky ones get eaten first. We however were lucky enough to eat first when invited to indulge in an all exclusive breakfast. Fox Atomic hosted the event at NY Comic Con to promote Craven's horrific remake-sequel thus reviving nasty nightmares of mutant cannibal freaks with insatiable appetites for human destruction.

What a tantalizing way to jump-start the morning, wouldn’t you say? Arriving bright and early, I sat myself at one of the roundtables with the group of attendees in a packed room adorned with large Hills 2 posters and two flat screens replaying the Hills 2 trailer. Shortly after, we were greeted and joined by the horror guru Wes Craven, Craven junior aka Jonathan and two of the film’s actresses, Jessica Stroup and Daniella Alonso.

Both actresses were beautiful as expected of scream queens. Although bearing no physical resemblance whatsoever, father and son shared a similar sense of casual dress style and relaxed attitude. Feeling privileged to be among the chosen bunch treated to this fortunate breakfast, it was disappointing to learn that there wouldn’t be time for official roundtable interviews. In anticipation for mutant scene revelations, the lights dimmed down and a special sneak peak commenced. We continued feasting on a tasty selection of eggs, bacon, sausages, waffles with a side serving of repulsive, disturbing images of mutant deformities terrorizing the unassuming National Guards who have substituted the Carters (from the first movie).

Before revealing the nitty gritty, let me begin with a short synopsis of Hills 2, which differs slightly from its classic 1985 remake. The 1985 film unraveled the suspenseful tale of a group of bikers consisting of survivors from the original 1977 film, embarking on a bus journey to a biker race near the desert of the infamous Carter incident. You’d think they learnt the first time! Fateful terror ensued the biker bunch as the bus broke down.

Unable to recast Brenda Carter played by Emilie de Ravin in the 2005 THE HILLS HAVE EYES due to scheduling conflict, Craven pursued an alternate approach. In a time of war and terrorism, Craven thought it best to integrate the current political issues and send a group of brave National Guard trainees on a frightful journey into the New Mexican desert aka cursed mutant territory. Unbeknownst to them, they’ll be greeted with inexplicable terror and monstrosities that will be have them begging for a quick death.

Due to a tight deadline in producing the screenplay, papa Craven recruited son Craven to co-write an evil mutant masterpiece. Together the Cravens joined intellectual forces, got their evil juices flowing and bore to my understanding, an even more gruesome plot plaguing the adventurers with even more savagery. The anticipated result is said to be a nail-bighting, chair-clenching, heart-stopping roller coater ride.

Proceeding with the exclusive clip, the scene opened to a special gruesome treat, or possibly A SPOILER for some. It was a gory, graphic birthing scene of a tortured and obviously imprisoned young girl pushing and screaming in agony. Kept alive for the purpose of breeding, the excruciating scene ended with the birth of a very bloody, deformed human/mutant baby followed by her final decapitation with a heavy wooden looking club.

What especially intensified and heightened the anguish of this girl was in the way in which the scene initially opened: in silence and zoomed in on the screaming girl thus relating to her state of distress and sense of urgency. It’s like a bad nightmare in which you try to scream but nothing comes out. We were also shown a montage of various clips from the horror, which confirmed that these Guards would be battling for their lives mostly in the underground desert caves. One observation; expect more blood, guts and gore in part 2 than in part 1 (if fathomable.)

Following the nauseating scene came the unleashing of the press. The master of horrors and company dispersed as the hungry journalists spread like wildfire circling mostly Wes Craven in an attempt to partake in the informal Q and A granted for a brief time before being whisked away to attend to their busy schedules. One nuisance that interfered, if not annoyed, most people during the interview period was the continuous replay of the Hills 2 trailer on full volume. Proven effective, its tantalizing theme song “Insect Eyes” by Devendra Banhart still haunts me.

To follow are some interesting points and facts learnt about the stomach- turning and violent sequel THE HILLS HAVE EYES 2, its creators and cast.

Wes Craven:

  • Believes that horror films carry important messages to society struggling with whatever the current issues are at the time of filmmaking
  • What scares him the most is the present administration and the deconstruction of the constitution
  • After seeing and being impressed with the film Butterfly: A Grimm Love Story, he knew that Martin Weitz would be the ideal director for Hills 2
  • Said that: “Weitz is a filmmaker that certainly is not afraid to do something controversial. Grimm Love is about human cannibalism, with all sorts of sexual overtones and everything that just makes a lot of people twitch, so that told me he wasn’t afraid of touchy material.”
  • Admitted to receiving a call about Scream 4 for the first time after a long break. Although the studio may now be entertaining the idea, Craven said it’s something that will not happen in the near future
  • Believes that remakes and sequels can be great even the third time around if the right person with unusual vision takes on the project
  • Believes that horror or devastation can appear in the most safest places at any given time, so nobody is ever truly 100% safe in any place (including your home and dreams)
  • The original idea for The Hills Have Eyes came from a book he read called Murder and Mayhem which highlights the killings and executions in the old British Empire and more specifically focusing on the documented Sawney Bean family from the 16th century in Scotland who attacked travelers in isolated regions and ate them
  • He was amused in the irony of a civilized society torturing the Sawney Bean family even more brutally than their own cannibalistic practices before executing them
  • He is currently working on an untitled project for Rogue Pictures which he hopes to shoot next spring
  • There is a possibility of a Hills 3 if part 2 does as well as expected
  • When asked about rumors on Nightmare on Elm Street , he said although he hadn’t heard of anything, he would consider it if the studio approached him about a comeback
  • Although his first horror The Last House on the Left will be remade sometime next year, there is no further development/movement with the project yet
  • Shocker and People Under the Stairs are being considered for possible remakes by Rogue

Jonathan Craven

  • Said that he and his dad got along great, things went really well and it was amazing to work with him on the script for Hills 2
  • Was shocked at the level of camaraderie and understanding being able to sit at a table together without any wars
  • They have discussed the possibility of working together again on future projects after releasing Hills 2
  • Worked on the script for Hills 2 out of a hotel room with his father for a straight month to avoid interruptions
  • Said that no amount of horror he can ever conceive or imagine for a movie script can measure up or come close to the horrors that the real soldiers have faced in places like Iraq or Afghanistan so he integrated those thoughts into the equation of the script

Jessica Stroup

  • Plays Amber, a naïve nineteen-year-old enlistee
  • Was excited to take on a role to portray a tough girl and represent the women in battle today
  • Found it extremely energy consuming to exert the anger and energy needed to kill someone – it was the most intense feeling she’s ever felt
  • She did 90% of her own stunt work
  • Did rock climbing and combat training to prepare for the role
  • Hurt herself on set numerous times
  • The giant freak mutants on set scared her although they were sweet and gentle people

Me alongside Jonathan Craven

Unfortunately I didn’t have a chance to speak with Daniella Alonso who portrays ‘tough on the outside, soft on the inside’ Missy in Hills 2, but she is absolutely beautiful in real life.

After our breakfast shindig wrapped up, I headed out to tour the grounds of my first official Comic Con. To describe it in one word – chaotic! There were thousands of people circling the booths, costumes, games, comic books, posters, T’s, figurines, dolls and anything else you can imagine! Encircled by all the elaborate and creative costumes almost made me want to trick or treat. One treat I took away from this whole experience was an immense appreciation and admiration for the genuine enthusiasm expressed by all the ‘geeks’ who got their freak on! It was truly a magnificent experience!

Stay tuned for my one-on-one interview with Wes Craven.

The Hills Have Eyes 2 opens March 23rd, brace yourselves!

Source: JoBlo.comAITH

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