INT: James McAvoy

James McAvoy had a pretty good year with ATONEMENT and all the critical praise it received in 2007. He has also had the chance to gather some attention for his work in THE LAST KING OF SCOTLAND, BECOMING JANE and PENELOPE. But now, he gets to take on a bit of action with his latest film alongside Angelina Jolie. WANTED gives him the opportunity to play action hero and luckily, he does a damn fine job at it.

When I was waiting for my turn to interview the man, he actually came in to the room where all of the journalists were hanging out. He asked me and a few others if we had a cigarette. Sadly, none of us could help him. And when I finally got to sit down with him, I found him to be just as approachable as I would hope. We talked about how he became involved with WANTED and the challenges of the role. He is a very likeable guy and no, I didn’t ask him about THE HOBBIT rumors because everyone and their mother was asking the same question, and if you’’ve been reading this site lately, you’d know that he is not involved (at least until they say he is). I for one would love to see him as Bilbo, but only time will tell. But until then, you can catch him in WANTED, opening Friday at a theatre near you.

Source: AITHJoBlo.com

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