INT: Jennifer Connelly

I have to say that the junket for 9 was a bit of a movie geek fest for me. First I got to chat with Elijah “Frodo” Wood, and then I had the opportunity to sit face to face with the absolutely stunning Jennifer Connelly. Sure she has done some really terrific films with A BEAUTIFUL MIND, HOUSE OF SAND & FOG, LITTLE CHILDREN and yes, LABYRINTH. But it was Dario Argento’s cult classic PHENOMENA that had me most excited.

Now the funny thing is, when I walked into the interview, I mentioned to her that I had just watched Phenomena. Before the camera’s were taping she talked fondly of working with Dario and doing that particular film. After that, it was really easy to talk with this lovely and talented woman regarding her work in 9. She even talked about an upcoming project with her husband Paul Bettany, where she plays Emma Darwin to Paul’s Charles in CREATION. But until then, you can hear Jennifer in the inventive and exciting animated film 9.

Source: AITH

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