Interview: John Dies at the End Director Don Coscarelli and Star Paul Giamatti

Some of my early childhood memories come from writer/director Don Coscarelli and his wildly horrifying world of PHANTASM. As a director, he never strays from his incredible and unconventional vision. And with the casting of Paul Giamatti in his latest feature, he has made his strange world even more exciting. In their freakily funny new film JOHN DIES AT THE END, the two have made one of the most unique films I’ve seen in quite a few years.

Recently we sat down with both of these amazing talents to talk about their new feature. It was an absolute honor to meet Coscarelli and to get a chance to show off my very own PHANTASM T-shirt. Both of these two men were incredibly nice that it made for a truly fun and laid back interview. Yes we talk JOHN DIES AT THE END, but we also chatted about the future of PHANTASM and more BUBBA HO-TEP. A new Coscarelli film? Yes please!

JOHN DIES AT THE END is currently available on VOD and will be making a limited theatrical run on January 25th.

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