INT: Jovovich/Zahn

Steve Zahn is an impressive character actor who is well known for his personification of comedic and side-kick roles such as HAPPY TEXAS, DADDY DAY CARE and SAHARA. Milla Jovovich is a stunning model turned actress, who’s kicked major ass in films like THE FIFTH ELEMENT, RESIDENT EVIL and ULTRAVIOLET. At first, I thought they would make an odd couple. However, it totally made sense after seeing the leading pair cast together in David Twohy's forthcoming thriller A PERFECT GETAWAY (read Chris Bumbray's review HERE).

Zahn and Jovovich play the perfectly giddy honeymooners, who embark on an adventurous and suspenseful journey on the legendary trails of Kauai. As the news of serial killers loose on the island spreads, so does the fear, and cat-and-mouse game of survival. Especially when they encounter other couples on the way. I had the pleasure of interviewing the charismatic and playful pair last week, who sincerely appeared to have had a blast working together! Jovovich was super sweet, bubbly and genuinely beautiful. Zahn was funny, adorable and endearing. Check out what they had to say about prepping for a physically challenging film, working together, and upcoming projects.

Extra Tidbit: Milla Jovovich and director Paul Anderson will finally get married on August 22nd, 2009.
Source: AITH

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