Interview: Kate Beckinsale (Total Recall)

Kate Beckinsale is a terrific actress who has appeared in a number of films where she doesn’t have to kick ass. From MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING to SNOW ANGELS, she has time and time again proven herself to be a major talent. Now this is on top of the fact that she may be one of the most gorgeous women in Hollywood... ever!

Certainly, Kate has become a fan boy’s dream with her portrayal of Selene in the UNDERWORLD franchise. And once again she is working with her hubby, Len Wiseman to bring a little fire to his latest feature TOTAL RECALL. While this version seems to have more in common with the short story by Philip K. Dick than the Schwarzenegger film, one thing is for certain, Beckinsale is fantastic. While talking about both TOTAL RECALL and UNDERWORLD it is clear that she loves playing Selene, yet she enjoys the chance to get a little bit bad in this thrilling new feature. TOTAL RECALL opens this Friday at a theatre near you.

“Who would be bored by Sharon Stone in a bed… I think there’d be lines around the block for that.”




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