INT: Kunis/Luda

I think I love Mila Kunis. After sitting down with both her and Jason Bateman while shooting their latest film EXTRACT, I already had developed a very high opinion of her. I must say that the film looks to be exactly what Mike Judge fans have been hoping for, but more on that later. For now, I have to say that after getting the chance to talk with Mila a couple of times, I find that I really dig this girl. So in a way, I felt kind of bad for Chris Bridges because it was hard to not want to hear Mila’s lovely voice. But I did find my way to talk to the man many know as Ludacris too. Both were happy to talk about their latest flick, MAX PAYNE.


So here I am, in the parking lot across from The Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills. I remember Mila mentioning that she read many of the reviews of FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL. I personally loved the film and really thought she was outstanding as Rachel in it, this of course I had to share. So there were good vibrations all around as we finally talked about the film about a detective with a vendetta. Both Chris and Mila were terrific to chat with, even if I gave probably more attention to… well, you know who. You can see what happens when you mess with a bad ass detective this Friday as MAX PAYNE rips and roars its way into a theatre near you.

Source: AITH

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