Interview: Len Wiseman, (Total Recall)

Len Wiseman is a personal favorite of mine. Simply put, I love the UNDERWORLD franchise. There is something spectacular about seeing Kate Beckinsale in that outfit killing lycans in that strange and mythical world. Now Wiseman returns to create another world, this time he is taking on the remake of TOTAL RECALL. The action-packed new flick features Colin Farrell, Jessica Biel, Bryan Cranston and of course Kate.

When I sat down with the director we talked about deconstructing this world made famous by the original film featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger. We also talked about finding the right guy to take on the role, and truth be told, they found him. Thanks to Wiseman and his talented cast and crew, TOTAL RECALL is an extremely effective thrill ride spliced with a little science fiction, and a damn impressive set design.

Check out TOTAL RECALL this Friday at a theatre near you.


"If you try to replace Arnold...you're an idiot."

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