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The Arrow interviews Michael Roesh

German-born Michael Roesh has worked in a slew of fields within the industry and has been entertaining a relationship with director Uwe Boll for over 10 years now. Having co-exec produced "House of the Dead" and co-written the upcoming "Alone in the Dark" (in which I might have a small part), this young laddie is one to look out for. I had the chance to catch up with Mike to talk about the upcoming Alone in the Dark, the possible House of the Dead 2, German women and the slated movie adaptation of another video game, "Far Cry". Here's the dealio!

ARROW: What’s your favorite horror movie?

MIKE: That's a really hard question! There are a lot of really good horror movies, but “The Shining”, “Alien”, “Jaws” and “The Exorcist” are among my all time favorites. Among non horror movies, “Star Wars” (1977), “Raiders Of The Lost Ark”, “The Godfather” and “Matrix” are my favorites.

ARROW: When, and how, did your partnership with director Uwe Boll begin?

MIKE: The first time I met Uwe was at the Berlin Film Festival a few years ago. I was still in college at the time, and Uwe had produced one of his first German movies. At this time there was nearly no one in Germany who was interested in making genre movies. All German filmmakers only wanted to make art-house movies. But Uwe was a big horror fan and wanted to produce and direct horror flicks and thrillers. So soon after that we started to work together. Later I went with Uwe to Vancouver, to work with him on his first American feature, ”Sanctimony”.

ARROW: You were co-executive producer on "House of the Dead" which received mostly negative response upon its release. How do you personally feel about the film? Do you think people were too harsh on it?

MIKE: I would have felt the same, if I would not have been involved in the production and would have just seen the movie in a theatre. My personal opinion is, that the story was going completely in the wrong direction from the beginning. You cannot film the adaptation of a first person shooter with telling this story about college kids raving on an island. I think most of the members of the production team including Uwe were thinking the same. But Uwe got the movie rights with this story and could not change it. And, for sure, we learned that we should not shoot a movie completely in a rain forest. It was unbelievable: the d Some nights it was raining so hard, that we had to stop the production. It was pouring every night for 6 weeks and we lost a lot of time.

ARROW: You co-wrote "Alone in the Dark" with Peter Scheerer and Elan Mastai. Do you find it hard to write in collaboration with other writers? How would you describe the experience?

MIKE: Peter Scheerer and I work together as writing partners, we write all of our screenplays together. We have the same ideas about movies, so that our collaboration works very well. Although we like the same kind of movies, both of us bring a lot of different ideas to every project. So I think you get a richer screenplay with a writing team working on it. With Elan Mastai, it was a completely different kind of collaboration. He wrote another draft, different from ours. Uwe liked both drafts, and mixed elements of both drafts together for one final screenplay.

ARROW: From what I’ve seen of "Alone in the Dark", I feel it might kick some butt! How confident do you feel about the movie?

MIKE: Oh, I've only seen only a few minutes of the movie in a promo reel so far. But from what I've seen, it looked really cool! But as there are several hundred digital effects, we will need to wait a few more months to see the complete movie!

ARROW: Does Tara Reid take her top off in the film? The fans want to know and so do I!

MIKE: No, unfortunately not!

ARROW: Dammit! Tara call me already!

MIKE: Everybody on set was waiting for the day when the love scene was to be shot, but she didn’t take it off! These days, when there is some nudity with actresses on the shooting schedule, the set is more crowded than on other days. Even some producers, who never show up on set, sit on their chair behind the monitor on these days!

ARROW: Gotta love them perv producers! Now, I heard at a certain point that you were writing "House of the Dead Part 2". Is that project still feasible since Lions Gate acquired Artisan?

MIKE: Yeah, we wrote a script  for “House of the Dead 2”.  Uwe likes our script very much, and is in negotiations about the movie right now. I hope that they will close the deal soon, so that the movie can go into production. Our script goes in a different direction than the first part. In our story, an AMS platoon must fight at a remote campus against hordes of zombies. Actually, it's like a war movie with zombies!

ARROW: Word around the campfire is that you and Boll are teaming up once again on a film called "Far Cry". Care to tell us a bit about the project?

MIKE: “Far Cry” is a really cool project and we're happy to be attached as writers! “Far Cry” is based on a video game and tells the story of Jack Carver, a former Ocean Patrol officer, who transports tourists on his boat. After bringing a female reporter to an remote island, his boat is blown up and he and the reporter get attacked by mercenaries. To survive, Jack has to solve the mystery about a secret lab on this island…

ARROW: Sounds like fun! What else have you got cooking in terms of upcoming cinematic dishes?

MIKE: We have worked on some ideas for other video game adaptations for some producers and studios in the last few weeks, but are not allowed to speak about them right now. Movies based on video games are going to get very hot in Hollywood. And that's great, because we love to work on all kind of genre movies. And as video game adaptations are mostly genre movies, it gives us a lot of possibilities to work within what we love.

ARROW: Do you have plans to direct a picture yourself one day or is screenwriting the pinnacle of your cinematic ambitions?

MIKE: Fortunately, Peter Scheerer and I got an offer from an LA based producer. We will make a vampire movie with him, for which we're writing the script right now. We plan to shoot the movie this summer or fall. It's a low budget movie about a casual guy and a female vampire hunter, who are forced to fight together against a mighty vampire king.

ARROW: Looking forward to reading that one! I have to ask...being that you are a native of Germany and I’ve always wanted to visit your fair country: German beer or German women...which is the best, in your opinion?

MIKE: For sure, German women!

ARROW: Well, I guess I'll be booking my plane ticket for Germany mucho soon! YEEHAW! Thanks Mike!

I'd like to thank Mike for stopping by the site and wish him some "KICK THAT ASS" via the army of projects he has on his plate. Keep at it Mike and I'll see ya at the Pub, bring the women, the beer's on me!

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