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While on the set of of the NIGHT OF THE DEMONS remake in New Orleans, AITH's own "king boozer" Donny Broussard had the chance to talk chop-chop shop with star and bonafida hottie MONICA KEENA and wild man EDWARD FURLONG, here's the dealio yo! Furlong's final line is GOLD btw. Read Part 1 of our set visit HERE and check out our interview with the Director ADAM GIERASCH HERE.


What attracted you to night of the demons?

Monica Keena: Honestly, Eddie Furlong. I met Adam, who seemed pretty cool, and seemed like someone I'd really want to work with, then I heard Eddie was attached, and I thought it would be awesome to work with him.

Edward Furlong: I gotta say Monica Keena. I heard she was gonna be in it, and I saw Freddy vs Jason, and I was like, I don't care what the movie is if she's in it. I'm in a movie with Monica Keena, now I gotta get Shakira and I'll be a happy guy.

You should have tried to get in written in your contract somewhere, that Shakira had to be cast if they wanted to cast you.

Monica Keena: If Shakira came along with me I'd be the happiest person in the world.

How is working with Adam Gierasch?

Monica Keena: It's been really fun, I have no complaints except for all the blood all over me all the time. I'm kinda used to it, but otherwise I've been having a really good time. Everyone is really cool, its been really fun, it's going to look great. I've seen some of the footage so far and it looks stylistically really cool. All of us get along really well, so the relationships between the characters in the movie are tight, and that definitely comes across. What I like, and think Adam is trying to shoot for is, um, having real people in a surreal situation, but acting as though it was natural and normal. Which I find interesting because it's not over the top or silly.

Edward Furlong: Well maybe parts of it.

Monica Keena; Well yeah, but you know it's a horror movie. But you know what I mean, like, I think that he's really trying to do something unique.

Were you fans of the original?

Monica Keena: I loved the original. You know what's so funny? I watched it years ago, and I did not put the two together when I read this script. Then I went back and watched it, and everyone was like that movie is like crazy, and the acting in this one isn't going to be anything like that. But, I think that movie is dope. I think it's so funny, and entertaining in its own way. I really enjoyed the original, I'm definitely a fan.

Edward Furlong: I never saw the original. I never saw it, but I think that's alright. This is sorta like a brand new millennium style version of this thing, and I think it's cool.

Monica Keena: No, I think it's a little bizarre. I think that's when you start to realize something just isn't quite right. But I don't know Eddie, you've lived in LA longer than me so maybe stuff like that happens all the time.

Thats kinda weird even for LA though isn't it?

Monica Keena: Maybe...

Edward Furlong: They'd be like hi, and I'd be like wow I've never been hit on that way. Now see what I can do out of my ass!

Monica Keena: You should just direct your questions to me.

I don't know his answers are sharp.

Edward Furlong: But in all seriousness I think Adam is doing a great job, and he's got this really stylized kind of vision. And for the budget, it's impressive to see all these very long steady cam shots, and the cinematographer is doing this really ridiculously cool stuff. And you mix our incredible talent in with that, and...

Monica Keena: You mean ours?

Edward Furlong: Yeah ours, but mostly mine. You mix that in with a talented crew, beautiful women, and you've got a great movie.

Monica Keena: Who's the most beautiful?

Edward Furlong: Um, well me if I was a chick, but... Monica Keena is the hottest.

Since your not a chick right?

Edward Furlong: Yeah, since I'm not a chick. Yeah, she is the hottest. She's pretty slammin isn't she?

Yeah, she is.

Edward Furlong: Wouldn't you just like fucking....I'm not gonna go there...


Source: AITH

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