Interview: Piranha 3DD Director John Gulager!

Frankly, when PIRANHA 3DD was first announced I was surprised that Alexandre Aja stepped away from the project. Yet when I heard the creator of the FEAST franchise was involved it made perfect sense. John Gulager has a tendency to create some visually nasty treats for horror fans and suffice it to say that he certainly goes for the sex and gore with his latest, PIRANHA 3DD.

John is one of the nicest guys around. He is quirky, funny and just an all around great guy so it’s terrific to see him continue to make bloody, politically incorrect horror flicks. He loves the boobage, he adores the gore, and you can bet that he will have some sort of shocking sequence that you just don’t expect. He even talks about some controversy with one of the victims in the film which he was petitioned to not put in. He did it anyway. What can I say, I love this guy!

PIRANHA 3DD opens this Friday at a theatre near you!


"We’re kinda the PORKY’S of PIRANHA movies!”

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