Interview: Prometheus stars Charlize Theron & Guy Pearce!

The prospect of sitting down and speaking to Charlize Theron and still finding the ability to produce more than a series of grunts and ahhhs is damn near impossible. Not only is she is a striking beauty, she is also a crazily talented actress. In other words, she may very well be perfection! However, since she was sitting next to the incredibly gifted actor Guy Pearce – somebody I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing before – it wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be thanks to a familiar face.

Both Theron and Pearce represent the corporate dark side in Ridley Scott’s latest PROMETHEUS. She is a tough as nails company player with a hint of sadness. Pearce plays a man that will be familiar to fans of the ALIEN franchise. The two actors talk about working with Ridley, old age make-up and the perceptions of strong willed women in a man’s world. And my composure is almost sufficiently intact... almost.

PROMETHEUS opens this Friday at a theatre near you.

“I think some people do bad things because deep down inside they are actually really broken.”

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