Interview: Prometheus writer Damon Lindelof

There are many reasons I respect Mr. Damon Lindelof. The writer has a knack for attempting to conjure up some impossibly mysterious tales within the science fiction community with “Lost”, the upcoming STAR TREK sequel, and of course PROMETHEUS. To say that Ridley Scott’s latest feature raises a question or two is definitely an understatement. As much as the film has connections to the ALIEN franchise, it has more to do with the creation of life itself.

When I sat down with Damon in one of the vehicles used in the film, we discussed how he came on-board and what changes he made to the original script - originally the script was much more of a direct prequel to the ALIEN franchise. We also talk about the idea of audiences walking out of PROMETHEUS and the possible debates they may have, especially in regards to its relation to the original film. In essence, it offers up two different directions in which the series could go.

PROMETHEUS opens this Friday, June 9th at a theatre near you.

“I always looked at my job as more channeling what I viewed as a fanboy as classic Ridley Scott sci-fi…”

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