INT: Sam Raimi


Sam Raimi. Need I say more? Okay, sure the man did the SPIDER-MAN movies, and he also crafted some awesome little flicks like THE GIFT and A SIMPLE PLAN. But many a genre fan will never forget what he did to a mild mannered store clerk who finds himself battling demons and zeroing in on his cool factor. Yes, I am talking about Ash, and of course, THE EVIL DEAD franchise. And while he hasn't returned to that series yet, he does offer up something that will certainly remind fans why he is known for horror with DRAG ME TO HELL .

When I sat with him, we talked about the influences with his latest, and of course the earlier films. We talk briefly about another SPIDER MAN, with nothing really new to the story and of course, what is going on with Evil Dead... long story short, not a whole lot. But, DRAG ME TO HELL more than fills up my need for Raimi horror, and it is a pleasure to see him back. Do yourself a favor, and make sure you check out this original and damn groovy horror flick this weekend. It is absolutely worth your time.

Source: AITH

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