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The Arrow interviews Sheila Levell

Hot-to-trot Sheila Levell is best known for her 2003/2004 billboard and magazine campaign for Michelob Ultra. She also appeared in the two hour pilot of "Stargate-SG-I", “Sex and The City”, the Justin Timberlake and Nelly’s video “Work It” and is a reporter for Playboy TV. Most recently, she joined the cast of "The Last Run" directed by Jonathan Segal and starring Fred Savage. Did I mention that she lives at the Playboy Mansion? Arrow had the chance to chit-chat with Miss Levell and here's how it went down.

ARROW: So when Sheila was a little girl, what did she want to be when she grew up?

SHEILA: When I was a little girl I wanted to be in lots of pictures, so I guess I did what I wanted to do.

ARROW: You were already modeling to a certain extent as a child?

SHEILA: Exactly.

ARROW: Loved the attention...

SHEILA: And loved being in front of the camera, so it worked out for me very well.

ARROW: So how old were you when you started modeling professionally?

SHEILA: I started doing some work as a baby, in catalogs and stuff, but I didn't get really into it until I was 12 years old.

ARROW: So how does it feel when you drive down the street today and there you are painted huge on the side of a building?

SHEILA: Actually, that day I was coming back from a casting for "General Hospital" and I was driving down the street, I looked up and I was so shocked, I had no idea that my picture was going to be on the side of a huge building. I must admit that I pulled over and started crying.

ARROW: Crying out of joy, I assume?

SHEILA: Yeah, it was really cool! What was weird was that I was talking with my girlfriend a while back and I told her that I was going to set a goal for myself and be on a billboard one day. She said, "Yeah, well I'll go to space when that happens". And then it happened and I was like "Oh my god, this is so crazy, what else am I going to wish for now?"

ARROW: Do you get lots of people recognizing you on the street due to the billboard and all the photo shoots you've done?

SHEILA: Back in August I had a commercial on the air for the "X Games" with Hugh Hefner and they played that a lot at the time. So once I was at the airport and people were just running up to me wanting to talk to me. It was really weird, but it was nice at the same time.

ARROW: You also work as a journalist for the wondrous station that is Playboy TV.

SHEILA: That's right.

ARROW: So you have to be honest with me on this one...

SHEILA: Okay...

ARROW: Playboy mansion parties. Are they as crazy as I think they are? Give me the goods!

SHEILA: You know actually... THEY ARE!! It's every guy's dream to be at these parties, I'm telling you.

ARROW: You're telling me! I'm telling you! I KNOW! I'll be able to die in peace once I attend one.

SHEILA: Maybe I can get you an invitation!

ARROW: Hey, go for it! It's definitely one of my goals in life and any help would be appreciated!

SHEILA: And living at the Playboy mansion is such fun!

ARROW: You live there! You're so set! It's a big spread, I imagine?

SHEILA: Oh, it's so huge! If we want to order food, we call the butler or the chef and they deliver it to your room. It's like being at a fine resort. I mean, boy...it couldn't get better than this!

ARROW: Boy, why wasn't I born a woman?


ARROW: On a different note, you recently nabbed a part alongside Fred Savage in a film called "The Last Run". How was the auditioning process for you to get that part?

SHEILA: Oh, it was a long process. They auditioned a lot of girls. It was such a great experience for me to work with Fred. He's really a fabulous actor and in this film, he's so different than what he's done before. Remember that nice kid in the Wonder Years?


SHEILA: Well, that's not him anymore. We see a totally different side of him in this movie.

ARROW: Were you intimidated at all, acting alongside more seasoned actors than yourself?

SHEILA: No, because in Vancouver, I did a lot of TV series like "Stargate SG-1" and I felt really comfortable.

ARROW: So what can you tell us about your character?

SHEILA: I play this girl named Dawn, who is a bad girl and she's nothing like me so I really had to become something I wasn't. In the movie, Fred was with his girlfriend for a long time, she did a number on him so his friends take him out to strip clubs to make him feel better. He gets addicted and we see his life spiral downwards.

ARROW: So you play one of the girls that he meets on his "last run"?

SHEILA: Yes, I play this girl he meets while he's with his new girlfriend from high school. He has an affair with me and that totally ruins everything and he then has to admit to himself that he has a problem.

ARROW: Do you know what type of distribution the film is going to get?

SHEILA: It's going to go to Sundance and there is somebody that's picking it up. It's getting a lot of press right now.

ARROW: Well, that's really good for you! So acting is something you want to pursue more consistently.

SHEILA: Yes, I really enjoy it.

ARROW: Can you name an actress that you admire or look up to?

SHEILA: I really like Michelle Pfeiffer and Sharon Stone. You look at their performances and they are so real. It would be nice to reach that level.

ARROW: You'll get there Sheila...keep gaining that experience. You ever consider playing in a horror film?

SHEILA: A horror film?

ARROW: Yup, you know...guy in mask, kills teenagers, blood flies, a horror film.

SHEILA: Oh yeah! I'd love it! Like tonight we're going to the "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" and I'm so stoked. This one looks good!

ARROW: Yeah, it's pretty good!

SHEILA: Michael Bay is the producer and he actually comes to the Mansion a lot.

ARROW: I'm sure he does...the lucky bastard!

SHEILA: His girlfriend is a Playmate actually.

ARROW: I'm sure she is (again...the bastard) What's next on your plate?

SHEILA: Right now I'm just doing some modeling. I have a lot of magazine shoots coming up like "STUFF" and all.

ARROW: So anything else you want to conquer? You seem to be covering every level of showbiz!

SHEILA: I just want to keep on going strong and I thank God for my blessings.

ARROW: Last question. What's the best party you attended this year?

SHEILA: I got to say the best party I attended this year was Hugh Hefner's birthday party. There were tons of people and it was just a great time. It did get a little wild by the end of the night. I didn't know this but people do get naked and jump in the pool. I really didn't know that happened. I hope you can come sometime.

ARROW: Hey, I'll try. I go to L.A. at least once a year to do the "jet set" thing so who knows? Sadly, I always come back to shithole Montreal.

SHEILA: Hey! I love Montreal! Where else can you get better food, better clothing and the night life there...

ARROW: Yes, the night life does rock.

SHEILA: I want to go back there again so bad!

ARROW: Yeah, L.A. clubs close at one thirty or something. What's up with that?

SHEILA: Yeah and yours go on till 6 AM sometimes.

ARROW: Well, if ever you come down and party...give me a holler!

SHEILA: I will and I hope to hear from you soon John!

ARROW: You bet!

I'd like to thank Sheila for her time and wish her the best of luck in all of her various endeavors. Oh and Sheila...remember to name drop my name to Hef...I NEED to hit the Mansion ASAP for some RnR! I'll make sure to bring him a brand new bathrobe too as a thank you gift. Food for thought Sheila....food for thought...

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