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Steven Strait and Sebastian Stan seem to be the film's leading “men”, and ironically Steven, who was last seen in SKY HIGH as the troubled Warren Peace, is the youngest of the bunch. They were pretty mellow and came across more… serious(?)… yeah I’ll say serious. Steven was also in the critically panned UNDISCOVERED, but that one can probably be blamed on Ashlee Simpson who was making her feature film debut (re: end). Still, in the most non-gay and non-homophobic way I can say it, these guys were charming and had me sweating bullets. As for Sebastian, he’ll next be seen in ALL FALL DOWN with Isabella Rossellini (Blue Velvet). Ladies and gentlemen, your leading men.

Steven Strait

Sebastian Stan

One question no one asked you that you’re dying to talk about?

Steven: “What’s my character like?” or “What’s the movie about?”


Steven: What’s a good one? I remember someone asking me once, if you were a cookie which one would you be? But that’s not it. (laughs) Which one do you like to be asked Sebastian?

Sebastian: Ummmm… “What kind of music do I listen to prepare for this character?” Music is so important you know. This role definitely opened me up to different genres of music. Techno, Nine Inch Nails, Arcade Fire, who are from Montréal as well.

Steven: I dig music as well.

Are you in a band?

Steven: Yes I am. It’s called “The Tribe”.

What type of music?

Steven: Rock. On “Undiscovered” I did a song on the soundtrack, and one for “Sky High” as well.

What do you play?

Steven: I’m the singer and a writer.

Wow… and how old are you?

Steven: I’m 19.

Sebastian: 22.

Have you been doing a lot of partying within the shooting and afterwards?

Steven: Not too much, I haven’t had too much time I’m here quite a bit.

Sebastian: We’re shooting and working. We’re training for the flying stuff. We had some Swimming scenes, and we’ve done some work for that. You know, training in general. It’s got everyone pretty disciplined.

What’s your favorite Renny Harlin comment? We’ve heard Super Cool, and Extra super cool…?

Steven: Super super sexy!!

What do you take from “Super Super Sexy!”?

Sebastian: Ya right, it means put in a bit more energy. I don’t know actually (laughs). But it depends what the scene is.

Steve: He used “Super Super Sexy” when we shot the rave. You know, 150 extras, all had to be super super sexy! And got prizes for being super super sexy!!

What prizes?

Sebastian: Oh you know, DVDs, posters, money… Some extras got singled out for hooking up on the set, and it was super cold, so everyone was doing there best to look hot and stay warm.

What was the most challenging thing you had to do for this movie?

Steven: To be honest with you, swimming was tough in the beginning. Originally they asked me if I can swim, and I said yes. But what they had us doing… They hooked us up with a 2 time Olympian to help us out and I realized I had no idea how to swim. We’ve been training really hard for one month and ½ we were training once or twice a day.

Sebastian: The wire work, we’re really, like if there was a way of learning how to fly this is probably it. We’re learning how to hold our body slanted down, defying gravity and going at amazing speeds. I used to have an issue with heights, I eventually got over that though…

How uncomfortable are the harnesses?

Sebastian: Mine is probably more uncomfortable… well, I don’t know… (to Steven) You have the thigh one right?

Steven: I don’t have the thigh one on… but they’re ok, it’s not too much of a big deal, but they can get uncomfortable when you’re up there for 20 minutes. Holding your own body weight…

Sebastian: We really want to make sure, you know, file out all the contents (laughs).

Steven: It gets tight in places where you really don’t want it to be. (laughs) It makes it fun to be diving off 40 ft platforms… No, it’s ok though, there aren’t many people who get to do stuff like this, so it’s worth it.

What’s your favorite Renny Harlin film?

Steven: “Cliffhanger” – that’s my favorite!

Sebastian: I always liked “Long Kiss Goodnight” – People often name others, but I remember liking that one. “Die Hard 2”, that’s a really good one too.

How tough was it for you guys to get the role… How was the audition process?

Sebastian: For me it was a lot easier. I sent a tape to New York and I literally found out the next day.

Steven: I had met with Renny in Los Angeles and I worked with some of the people involved in the film already. He gave me a script I thought it was great and I loved his vision for it… So that was pretty much it.

This movie sounds a lot like “The Lost Boys”…

Steven: Yeah, it's similar.

Sebastian: There’s elements of “The Craft” and “The Skulls”… and definitely “The Matrix”.

Steven: There’s a Korean film called “Volcano High” – It’s Pretty incredible – a lot of the look of this film is styled after that film. Unbelievable, our DP is doing amazingly beautiful stuff.

How much longer you shooting for?

Sebastian: We’ve been here for awhile now, about 2 months, and we’re getting closer to the end. I think we have until December 8th. We’re going to pretty much be here. The barn scene is going to take a while.

And after that you have projects lined up?

Steven: We’ve been trying to concentrate on this.

Sebastian: But I think now I’m just starting to send tapes out again and get things going, and to see what’s going on in the future.

You have stuff coming out that you shot before this?

Steven: No, the last thing that came out was Undiscovered. But there are a few things that I’m looking at.

Do you have an actor you sort of look up to?

Steven: I always looked up to Marlon Brando, which is the reason I went to Adler for so many years up in New York . He was the chairman of the school.

What’s your favorite Brando performance?

Steven: “A Streetcar named desire”. Great movie.

(to Sebastian) What’s your favorite film?

Sebastian: Umm I don’t know. I think I spent a year watching “American Beauty” religiously. I’m a big Sam Mendes fan. I also loved “Magnolia”… What else?... I liked “Jerry Maguire”, and I haven’t seen “ Elizabethtown ” but I’m a big fan of Cameron Crowe’s movies.

What’s your favorite horror film?

Sebastian: I liked “Underworld” a lot, and “Exorcism of Emily Rose”, and I loved the concept behind “Saw”, but I haven’t seen “Saw 2” yet, but I heard it’s great.

Steven: I love “The Exorcist”, “The Shining”, both amazing films.

Sebastian: “It” ruined my childhood. The book was even scarier. Just clowns in general disturb me.

Tell me about the elements of horror in this movie.

Steven: I think most of the film is quite dark… very dark. It’s a dark thriller. There are pretty horrific images in the film.

Sebastian: And we’re always in a state of suspense… which is what we’re aiming for.

Steven: We’ve been really lucky, we’ve all gotten really close – a wonderful group of young actors – it’s been great. We’re very excited about this…

Sebastian: We have this really good friendship, and I think most of us here are at the beginning of our careers. We keep joking around referring back to “The Outsiders”. (laughs)



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