INTERVIEW: The man, the myth, The Neeson. Liam Neeson! The Grey!

Sitting across from Liam Neeson is an incredible experience. He is a powerful figure, but not always in the ways you’d think. Of course, what can you expect from the man who has given us such phenomenal performances in film’s including SCHINDLER’S LIST, TAKEN, KINSEY, ROB ROY to name a very, very few.

When I sat down to meet him for the first time, he asked me where I was from. He wanted to get to know me as opposed to treat me like another body asking him questions. We talked about our families in the short time we had together before the cameras began rolling. Of course the subject soon turned to his riveting new film, THE GREY. It is rare to have the talent being interviewed really take you in and make you feel completely and utterly part of their world. However Liam Neeson does just that. More than I would have ever expected. He is not only a soulful, soft-spoken and warm human being, he is also one of the best actors working today.

As far as THE GREY is concerned, it would’ve been a strong contender for one of the best films of the year in 2011. Mr. Neeson brings so much depth to Joe Carnahan’s epic survival story. Much like the actor himself, there is much more than meets the eye to THE GREY. It was more than a pleasure to sit and talk to such an impeccable actor about his latest and touch on his thoughts about being a modern day action hero.



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